123Kinect: Website that show you only Kinect game!

I love Kinect, and I’m sure if you try it once, you will love how easy to use and enjoy the game.

Every special event, including new year party, my family and my girlfriend’s family will come to celebrate this event together, and yes, Kinect does its job good here.

One thing that make a problem with Kinect’s owner isn’t hardware issue or the red eye of dead. But the way to find a good ‘Kinect’ support game.

I am a fan of They provides a lot of good review and other member provide a lot of feedback on each game. But I finally found the website is hard to search or track just Kinect-based game.

Finally, I found 123Kinect is a good website that dedicate every inches of them for Kinect-based content. For me, this’s a paradise.

So if you have Kinect and looking for more game about it. Try 123Kinect to get more info about them before buy.

Happy new year! 🙂

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